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Marketing and Communications

To be effective, an association’s message needs to reach the right audience at the right time.

Rather than relying on a centralized marketing and communications department, each of our association clients benefits from a dedicated staff team. Publications, e-mails, and promotional materials are written by staff who know the association's programs and culture.

Innovative marketing campaigns

Our clients see results from their marketing efforts with EDI’s strategic approach. We start by identifying target audiences and messages and then find the most effective ways to gain exposure. Whether it is developing print materials, interactive e-mail campaigns, or a social media strategy, we help our clients plan, execute, and analyze their marketing campaigns.

Public relations and outreach

Knowing when and how to communicate with the public and the media is key to creating a positive image of an association. Our communications experts develop comprehensive strategies for media relations and community outreach.

Member communications

Staying connected with members is a key aspect of managing an association. We work to ensure that our clients’ communications with their members are effective and engaging. We help our clients tailor their messages for each audience to maximize value—and response.