EDI is a for-profit company that offers management services to 35 nonprofit associations, foundations and certifying bodies. EDI employees gain experience in nonprofit management as part of a company that has been in the business since 1962.

At EDI, we value the relationship between our employees and our clients. Staff work as members of dedicated teams, either working directly for a client or as part of one of our support services teams. 

Client Services

Staff who are part of a client team work directly with the client's leadership to provide services such as membership development and meeting planning. Each client team works with only one association, thus allowing team members to learn about that association's unique needs.

Support Services

EDI offers a number of additional services to its clients through in-house departments that provide web development, financial services, creative design, and more. These support teams work for a range of different clients, allowing team members to find creative solutions to address the different needs of various organizations.

Why work for EDI?

EDI is dedicated to the success of its employees. Check out our EDI Culture page to learn what makes working here a special place.

  • Benefits: We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including employer-paid single health insurance and a 401(k) with employer contributions.
  • Culture: Our culture sets us apart, both for our staff and our clients.
  • Clients: It is all about our clients being able to make a difference, and our employees being a part of it.

Current Openings

Title Client/Dept. Location
Executive Director, IFCN Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Fund-Raising and Program Manager, ACMS/ITSCC Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Scientific Projects Manager MDS Milwaukee, WI
Program Manager- Hybrid Education Meetings SITC Milwaukee, WI
CME & Education Manager SRS Milwaukee, WI
Program Manager SITC Milwaukee, WI
Meetings Manager WAO Milwaukee, WI
Membership & Administrative Manager AACPDM/SCUF Milwaukee, WI
Non-Profit Project Manager EDI Milwaukee, WI
Membership & Administrative Manager ACDS Milwaukee, WI
Meetings Manager HOPA Milwaukee, WI
Education Coordinator HOPA Milwaukee, WI
Program Coordinator SITC Milwaukee, WI
Accountant Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Administrative Coordinator MDS Milwaukee, WI
Project Manager (Scientific Publications) SITC Milwaukee, WI
Corporate and Human Resources Generalist Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Social Media & Online Marketing Manager HOPA Milwaukee, WI
Security Systems Administrator, EDI Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Receptionist Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Communications Coordinator AAEA Milwaukee, WI
Project Manager - Education SITC Milwaukee, WI
Communication & Membership Manager CSRS Milwaukee, WI
Meetings & Program Manager ISSVA Milwaukee, WI
Meetings & Education Coordinator AAAAI Milwaukee, WI
Certification Manager ABCP Milwaukee, WI
Membership and Communications Manager ACMS Milwaukee, WI
Information Services Specialist I Support Services Milwaukee, WI
Communications Manager WDS Milwaukee, WI
Membership Manager SITC Milwaukee, WI
Meetings Manager MDS Milwaukee, WI
Program Manager WGO Milwaukee, WI
Program Coordinator ACMS Milwaukee, WI
Meetings Coordinator SBM Milwaukee, WI
Online Education Program Manager SITC Milwaukee, WI
Administrative Manager SRS Milwaukee, WI
Project Manager - Development SITC Milwaukee, WI
Administrative Services Manager ASMH/ITSCC Milwaukee, WI
Program Manager, Health Policy & Advocacy HOPA Milwaukee, WI

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