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Associations that rely on outside funding understand the complex and highly competitive nature of securing sponsorships, private donors, and grants.

EDI’s fundraising professionals have the resources and expertise to attract and retain sponsors, identify new funding sources, and write successful grant submissions, all while preserving an association's integrity as a nonprofit.

Our staff is also experienced at creating, managing, and growing multi-million dollar foundations and trusts that provide associations with the security of long-term funding sources.

Creative Campaigns and Events

We know how to get the attention of donors with innovative fundraising campaigns. We help our clients tell compelling stories in their appeals, plan and execute unique events, and provide comprehensive, accurate tracking of donor activity.

Regulatory Compliance

Clients can rest easy knowing the funding they receive meets legal, government, and industry regulations and sponsorship and disclosure requirements of accreditation bodies. Our staff manage and track all revenue collection so our clients are in compliance with ever-changing guidelines.