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Personal Touch

We recognize the impact that each of our clients has on its members, regardless of size, and work hard to customize our services to meet your needs.

What You Get from an AMC

Association management companies (AMCs) allow associations to benefit from the shared resources and expertise of a larger company that you just cannot get as a standalone organization.

Client Success Story

The capable management and expert guidance of EDI’s staff has helped the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) achieve its mission of promoting genetic and cellular therapies to treat diseases. With the guidance of EDI, the society has strengthened its finances, generated a new source of revenue, and developed a comprehensive strategic plan.

When ASGCT first became an EDI client, the association was deeply in debt and had an unorganized membership database. Read more »

EDI is one of the top five association management companies in the U.S., providing professional services for national and international medical, certification, and scientific associations. Our 50 years of experience are a key asset to the associations we serve, with client relationships extending beyond 40 years.
Whether your association is currently volunteer-run, has a free-standing staff, or is managed by another AMC, let us show you the difference EDI can make. Our comprehensive services, cost-saving structure, and expert staff are what you need to take your association to the next level. Read more >>
We hire client staff with a wide range of expertise, from meeting planning to education, as well as specialty support staff like accountants and web developers. Read more >>