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Why EDI?

At EDI, all the services you need are under one roof. Each of our associations benefits from a dedicated client team. Support services such as web development or financial services are provided as needed. Common concerns, like technology needs and human resources, are taken care of. We provide complete professional services, which allows our clients to focus on what’s important.

EDI manages more than 25 nonprofit association clients from our offices in downtown Milwaukee. EDI is one of the largest association management companies in the United States, but that does not prevent us from providing personal service to each client.

About EDI

Founded in 1962, EDI is a privately held association management company, owned by four partners. Our current clients consist of medical specialty associations, certification boards, global federations, and industry professional associations.

Why an AMC?

Association management companies (AMCs) allow associations to benefit from the shared resources and expertise that they cannot get as standalone organizations. A for-profit company, an AMC provides the range of experiences and knowledge necessary to run a modern association, frequently at a lower cost and with greater efficiency. AMCs also have similar staff positions for each client, thus providing a natural source for ideas and support for its staff.