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American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Grows Membership and Revenue with EDI’s Assistance

The capable management and expert guidance of EDI’s staff has helped the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) achieve its mission of promoting genetic and cellular therapies to treat diseases. With the guidance of EDI, the society has strengthened its finances, generated a new source of revenue, and developed a comprehensive strategic plan.

When ASGCT first became an EDI client, the association was deeply in debt and had an unorganized membership database. EDI’s highly skilled accounting staff helped the ASGCT develop a financial plan and build a reserve fund. Within 18 months, the society was debt free and financially healthy. The EDI staff also helped the society increase its revenue and improve its value to members by offering clinical trials training courses during its annual meeting, reaching record level sponsorship income and raising the profile of its scientific journal, Molecular Therapy.

EDI’s experienced meeting professionals have kept the meetings running smoothly by negotiating contracts with hotels and convention centers and providing on-site staff to coordinate multiple symposia and abstract sessions.

EDI’s technology staff developed a more sophisticated and accurate membership database for ASGCT that enables the society to precisely track dues renewals and target prospective members based on geographic region or specialty.

EDI’s information services staff created a sponsorship database to enable the Society to track its communications and relationships with potential donors. As a result, ASGCT staff and volunteers were able to secure record level sponsorship and donations in 2012.

“ASGCT did not have an effective database management system, which led to confusion over dues processing, annual meeting registration figures and abstract management. EDI provided a systemized and organized approach to managing the society,” said Mary Dean, ASGCT’s executive director.

Barrie J. Carter, MD, an ASGCT former president, credits EDI with also helping the society develop a long-term strategic plan to guide it over the next decade. “We conducted a major strategic planning exercise and developed a comprehensive strategic plan that the society had never had in place before. This plan was initiated at the suggestion of EDI staff and senior management and they also provided magnificent operational and logistical advice and service in carrying out this task. This planning was recognized by the society membership as an outstanding effort and engendered an unprecedented level of enthusiastic participation by the members.”