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As an association management company, EDI’s success depends on the success of our clients. We are proud of what we have accomplished with our new clients and of the continued success of our long-term clients.

When a new association joins EDI, we provide special attention to the areas that need the most help. We have helped new clients by:

  • Reworking existing programs to make them more profitable and bring the association out of debt
  • Redesigning the association’s online presence and increasing members’ ability to interact with the organization
  • Growing membership through targeted marketing campaigns and the creation of new services

We also are committed to helping our existing clients adapt and improve. We have helped clients by::

  • Regularly updating association strategic plans, allowing our clients to adapt to changing environments
  • Developing new programs, which expand the value of membership and provide new sources of revenue
  • Ensuring the association stays relevant and competitive by continually making small adjustments, based on the knowledge gained from being part of an AMC

Interested in learning more about EDI? We invite you to visit our Future Clients page, where you will find helpful information about what we have to offer.

Client Success Stories: ASGCT Grows Membership and Revenue with EDI’s Assistance
EDI staff and senior management provided magnificent operational and logistical advice.

The capable management and expert guidance of EDI’s staff has helped the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) achieve its mission of promoting genetic and cellular therapies to treat diseases. With the guidance of EDI, the society has strengthened its finances, generated a new source of revenue, and developed a comprehensive strategic plan.

When ASGCT first became an EDI client, the association was deeply in debt and had an unorganized membership database. EDI’s highly skilled accounting staff helped the ASGCT develop a financial plan and build a reserve fund. Within 18 months, the society was debt free. Read more »