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At EDI, we specialize in the personal touch for members. Association members do not feel like one in a crowd. Each association benefits from a dedicated client team that understands and accommodates its unique needs.

Our in-house information services team manages member data, dues renewals, and access to member benefits. We help our clients create a detailed profile of each member so they can track his or her demographics, interests, and participation history.

Recruitment and retention efforts

An association’s longevity depends on successful recruitment and strong retention. EDI’s experienced membership staff develops campaigns to attract new members and keep existing members involved. With two dozen membership associations under one roof, our staff are able to discuss trends and share strategies to create innovative and effective membership drives.

Building member benefits

Journals, program discounts, and annual meetings are clear reasons to belong to an association. But many other membership benefits are intangible. At EDI, we help each client identify the value the association brings to its members and then develop new ideas and promote them to the members so they stay satisfied with their membership.

Personalize the membership experience

When an association has a diverse membership, expectations can differ greatly from one member to the next. We highly value the data collected from member renewal forms and surveys and use that information to provide members with products and services that meet their needs.