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Human Resources and Office Administration

At EDI, we pride ourselves on the personal touch and professional attention to all of the details involved in managing an association. We take care of the behind-the-scenes work so our association clients can focus on providing quality services to their members.

Friendly receptionists

No automated answering service here. Our helpful, welcoming reception team answers the phone with the association’s name and transfers each call directly to the staff member who can best help the caller.

Managing your human resources

Keeping up with the latest in employment laws, administering benefits packages, and managing an office are essential parts of running a successful association. However, we feel association staff should not have to worry about handling these tasks. Our experienced human resources professionals manage all of our clients' staffing needs, benefits distribution, and payroll.

Knowledgeable mail services staff

Our full-service mailroom gets important shipments out on schedule. Our knowledgeable staff coordinate conference ship-outs, select the best delivery service for smaller mailings, and advise clients on unique rules with promotional pieces like postcards or brochures. Their experience allows our clients to get items out quickly and cost effectively.