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Practice Parameters Manager, AAAAI/ACAAI


Responsible for detailed management of the practice parameters process from inception to completion/publication. Includes all aspects of the project including requesting permission of sponsoring societies for subject and budget approval and literature reviews.

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES (Minimum of 37.5 hours/week)

  • Coordinate meetings and conference calls of the Practice Parameters Task Force and each writing group.
  • Work with Task Force Chairs to identify Practice Parameters that need to be updated.
  • Work with Task Force Chairs to identify potential new Practice Parameters.
  • Forward any requests for Practice Parameter updates from sponsoring societies to the Task Force Chairs.
  • Forward any requests for new Practice Parameters from sponsoring societies to the Task Force Chairs.
  • Provide literature reviews for any updated or new Practice Parameters.
  • Develop and monitor budget for all Practice Parameters.
  • Work with methodologist if needed for Practice Parameters.
  • Work with appropriate entities within sponsoring organizations to vet authors of any Practice Parameters for conflicts of interest.
  • Coordinate approval of all authors for Practice Parameters with sponsoring organizations.
  • Work with journal editors and publishers for publication.
  • Maintain all needed files and systems to track project status, including tracking communication between the Task Force and the AAAAI/ACAAI.
  • Track and log Practice Parameters with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse.
  • Monitor changes in policy at the National Guidelines Clearinghouse.
  • Participate in evening and weekend conference calls as needed.


  • Travel of up to two weeks per year. Some evening and weekend work required.


  • Education – Bachelor’s degree in a biologic science preferred.
  • Experience – Previous experience in conducting scientific literature reviews preferred.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.